22 CPD seems to be guided by more self directed or

In both sexes waist:hip ratio correlated positively with body mass index (men, r=0.63; women, r=0.39; both, PTABLE I Characteristics of subjects in determination sample and independent validation sample. Values are means (SD)The figure shows distributions of the waist circumference related to body mass index divided by the proposed action levels. Table III shows the numbers of subjects in different categories of waist circumference, body mass index, waist:hip ratio.

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pandora essence In turn, knowledge translation builds on these areas, primarily by using evidence based research. Furthermore, as knowledge translation is less learner driven than CME and CPD, it permits a greater emphasis on initiatives to improve population health such as screening, early diagnosis, and preventive measures.Primary operating models In CME, the major driver (despite the conscientious efforts of CME providers) remains the teacher, using 50 year old planning models.22 CPD seems to be guided by more self directed or organisational learning principles. Both are predicated on a simple linear model linking learning to relicensing and recertification and only tangentially to performance or healthcare outcomes. pandora essence

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