The brakes are oddly numb at high velocities

Original wheels were 26 No brakes as they would not fit. Lol. But that was the 70 when we were crazy kids on bikes. Compromises and shortcomings: The awd system is fwd at heart, and with a 57/43 weight distribution, the front heavy car’s corner entry handling still tends to understeer despite a front double wishbone suspension. The RLX’s on center feel is vague, even in sport mode, with at least 15 degrees of steering wheel play before any real reaction occurs. The brakes are oddly numb at high velocities, yet choppy at parking lot speeds.

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  84. This is so sad – I think this teaches us all that we need to be more vocal when eating out and ask about real butter, and cream, etc… Things will start changing when restaurants see that consumers care about the ingredients being used, otherwise they will always resort to the cheapest ingredients.I think I’m spoiled in LA – so many restaurants here are run by chefs that truly care about their ingredients – definitely not a majority, but easier to find a place to eat out.

  85. es extremadamente gracioso ver como la gente se puede molestar tanto del punto de vista de alguien… pero sabes que rodrigo el hecho que haya gente que le muevas tantas emociones (malas o buenas) quiere decir que estas haciendo exelentemente tu trabajo…

  86. Nice review dude. This is one of my all-time favourites. Between this in the 70s and To Live And Die In LA in the 80s, Friedkin had the best cop thrillers in two decades. As much as I love Heat, I do sometimes wonder what Billy Friedkin would’ve done with that script!

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  90. Oh my gosh, Ness. I love you and your comment. I wish we could sit and have heart-to-hearts more often because those are one of my favorite moments with you. It doesn’t seem weird at all. It seems absolutely wonderful and I’m so thankful to have you in my life, even if we don’t see each other much.

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  125. Doug, I fear you've been influenced by the mainstream discussion of Iran. It's Israel that's talking war. And when Iran declares that it will defend itself, it's accused of aggression. It's Weapons of Mass Destruction propaganda all over again. It seems that our main industry is making war and another one is needed. God help us.

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  138. wow….soo you didnt actually know your siblings were gay until facebook??thats weird….i find this post very interesting, im still in the closet (lol) and yet i suspect my little brother may have gay inclinations too…its weird and i dont know what to do…i dont know what would happen in i come out… if he'll be sacared to do it or i dont know…. but congratulations!! i think its amazing!!

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